Current Reciever Sites (Blue) and Transmitter Site (Red)
To see the streams select the Reciever Live Streams on the menu (opens in a new window)
The first of three receivers has been deployed to the Norman Lockyer observatory and a second will be deployed to a location near the Armagh observatory in the next few weeks.
We hope to find a suitable site for the third receiver in Scotland soon. The first independent receiver has been built and is located near Malvern.

At present, the data streams from Norman Lockyer, from the test site in NW Hampshire, the Malvern receiver and the development system in Shropshire are being displayed.

We will add the Armagh and Scottish receivers as soon as they become available. The Hampshire and Malvern receivers will see some aircraft and direct signal from time to time.

Currently only +/-30 Hz is being displayed from each receiver. Expect this to be expanded as development continues.

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